Food IS Political

Since this is my first post under the realm of politics, I wanted to tell you for what reason I’ve got a blog that features recipes AND politics.  Simply, because food is political and you cannot tell me any different.  From who is allowed to grow food and where it is allowed to grow, how many food stamps you’re allocated or not, if there’s access to fresh healthy food or you’re hitting the bodega to settle your stomach is all political and we’re going to talk about it.

There’s a system that needs addressing. Food is something we need to survive; yet, so much of what surrounds us today is poisoning us and our environment. Meats are being injected with hormones and antibiotics that the average human would never go to their doctor and tell them, “Aye yo Doc! Hit me with that trenbolone-acetate, I don’t have enough lean muscle in my body.” There’s more fast food spots, liquor stores, and bodegas that are accessible in neighborhoods than there are places to get fresh, local, and affordable produce. Most people cannot identify edible plants that are not fruit bearing. Have you ever realized that water costs money (but falls from the sky) and that you probably cannot consume any clean water unless it’s paid for? Free and reduced lunches at public schools are unidentifiable meats and milk and “juice” are served in baggies. Companies have monopolized seed purchases, which makes it difficult for large scale growers to grow organic food. Let’s not forget about farm labor, coalitions such as the Coalition of Immokalee Workers have been battling for years with corporations for just treatment in the fields.

As you can see, there’s plenty to talk about and I’ll be back.